18 October 2010

Race Report: 2010 Dogfish Dash

This happens to be my favorite local race. 5k/10k options with seemingly endess, quality beer at the end. And the keg sprints are fun. I ran the 10k in my Treks, however at mile 5 (1.2 to go) I took them off and ran unshod to the finish. Mostly urban surfaces, but other than one gravelly area, it was fairly clean of debris. This is the first race where I ran even a portion of it barefoot and although I was not the only one in five-fingers or barefoot, I was the fastest of the minimalist footwear 10k runners.

I (left) am standing with a few of the winners.

After the race, as the beer is flowing, you have the option of doing a keg sprint. A keg sprint involves two empty kegs located about 30 feet from the starting line. One must run down, grab a keg, bring it back past the line, then run and do the same with the other. I ran this barefoot and got the 2nd fastest time. I tried it again after a few beers and was a few seconds slower from my original time.

This race will probably be the last standard running race I will do for some time. I've decided to take a break from the racing scene for various reasons, but mainly because I am ready to move on to other things. And for the ultras, unless I have someone join me I cannot bring the dogs. So a transition to a hiking/camping/vagabonding lifestyle that can include the hounds is where I think I am headed. (Note: If you would like to read about my ultra-running journey check out my old blog: amor fati)

Do not get me wrong, I am still going to run. I need to, at least to keep the dogs tired and happy. I will probably focus more on sprinting and building up my feet further to pure barefooting. I will miss the ultra-running community and the many friendships I've formed over the few years I've been running. I will be back, eventually, to test myself. And I still have the urge to complete a 100-miler.