25 October 2010

60 Day Challenge

So I have been toying with the idea of this for some time and now, finally, I feel the time is right. For 60 days, November and December, I will eat strict grain-free, dairy-free paleo/primal among other things. A few weeks ago I fractured my patella and broke off cartilage running into my own goal keeper at a soccer game with my club soccer team. With surgeries and all, running sprints with the hounds is completely out of the question. And with my overall mobility being at an all time low, I figured now is the time to focus on my nutrition/lifestyle and batten down the hatches so to speak.

Here is what I am thinking for the 60/61 days:
  • No sugar, grains, dairy, process-foods, coffee, and beer: I am pretty good with this now, excepting social situations. Socially I have tended to pull the 'When in Rome', but that is going to change.
  • Low to no carbohydrates... stay under 50g: Fairly simple. Goal is to enter ketosis.
  • Sleep 9-10 hours a night: With Winter on its way and the daylight dwindling, I am going to get more sleep. This will take some planning.
  • Daily body-weight exercises: Just going to do simple exercises and as my knee improves start building back my leg strength and mobility.
  • Limit wine: Ultimately I would cut out all alcohol, but I need some type of reward, eh? Thinking no more than a few glasses a week of a dry red. None of my 2 bottles a night craziness.
  • 2 meals a day: I've fooled around with intermittent fasting before. This works well when going low carb... but if I start consuming sugar the hunger cravings are out of this world. I figure I will eat my meals around 6 hours apart... giving about 18 hours of 'fasting'.
I will do the above at a minimum, maybe adding to the list as the time passes. With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, I know these will be the biggest obstacles to overcome, next to my ever-increasing happy hour visits with friends. But I shall succeed. At New Years, while others will be making resolutions, I am going to let loose and celebrate.

To test this challenge, I am going to attempt to keep track of my results as best as possible. Not just my waist measurement, arm size, or push-up, pull-up max but I want to get blood tests before and after. See what changes, is it worth it, and so forth.

Starting November 1, this time next week, I will begin this challenge and see where it takes me!