15 June 2010

Pack Profile: Cyprus


Last week my beautiful Cyprus turned 1 year old! I picked her up at 10 weeks old from a breeder in Ohio. Not even a week later she was in the back of my car with Shaman for a long ride from Maryland to Michigan for my first 50 mile race. I think the pups had 3 full days of meet and greet, so on top of all my concerns about running such a distance I worried that about the dogs getting along and my friends having to put up with them.

It was those amber eyes that sold me.

I've started including Cyprus in my shorter runs and a few times I've had her off leash. Watching any dog run off leash, unrestrained, is a beautiful sight. Cyprus has a more compact build than Shaman, is very light on her feet and has an impressive jumping ability. She has a strong prey-drive and is very stubborn, so the our off leash training sometimes ends with a half eaten squirrel or rabbit. Believe me, her victims do not go to waste.

We have been working hard on the 'Leave It' command and it is starting to pay off. I do my best to teach them that there will be a time to chase and play, but when we are running, lets focus on that.

Cyprus, my diva